St. Coletta Day School

The St. Sebastian community has a long history of a strong commitment to educating the whole child, and in striving to meet the needs of every learner who wishes to participate in a Catholic education at our school.

In 1956, a group of parents started St. Coletta Day School, housed within St. Sebastian School, in order to provide a supportive academic environment for students with special needs.

Today, the collaboration of St. Coletta and St. Sebastian schools is a living example of inclusion in a Catholic school setting. St. Coletta students participate in most St. Sebastian school-wide events such as lunch and recess, Mass, service days, assemblies, Geography/Spelling Bee, friendly competitions, guest speakers and other events.

Both the students of St. Sebastian and of St. Coletta leave our schools with not only with an outstanding spiritual and academic education, but also with a priceless understanding and compassion for fellow students with wide-ranging abilities, 

talents, needs, and gifts.

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